Monday, January 20, 2014

New Packaging!


Won't you call me Sweetheart? Valentine Soap

Hugs and Kisses

Star Anise and Sweet Orange

Spearmint, Grapefruit and Litsea Cubeba Essential Oils
Colored with Sea Clay

The most exciting new development is my new labels, Etsy Banner, and business cards! I am really working developing cohesive branding. Next up....this blog! I love all things vintage, so it only made sense to have a vintage vibe to my design. The new branding is the perfect marriage of modern, hip and vintage, all rolled up in one.  Thanks again to the wonderful Natasha Desiree for helping me achieve the new look!

I have been having fun with making new soaps. I have really discovered what sells, and so I have been focusing on making these soaps. I just need new avenues for selling. I would be set if I had one event every week. I need to make this happen. I also need some more wholesale accounts!

I participated in a wonderful women's luncheon yesterday, as a vendor, called the Wild Women's Society.  The theme of the meeting was about trusting your intuition. It was a fascinating topic, especially since the guest speaker was a well known psychic named Suzanne Jauchius. As soon as Suzanne found out I was pregnant, she said I was having a girl! The kids think I am having a boy, so now I am really interested in learning what gender our sweet baby will be. 

In addition to all of my fun and colorful soap creations, I have been experimenting with using all essential oils and natural colorants. I love having these options,  but wonder sometimes if I am trying to appeal to too wide of a customer base. Locally, what makes my soaps unique, is how they are all vibrant, swirled, and textured. Most soaps that are sold locally are more straight forward (no color or a single color, no textured tops, etc). Perhaps I should stick with where my passion lies....with design and artistry.  I have read that it is best to keep things simple and not provide too many options. This is difficult for me, but I am trying. 

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