Sunday, February 9, 2014

Snow Bound = Soap Making Galore!

My snow angel....Somerset Rose!

My little Princess! She wants me to make a princess soap. 

Bastille Baby Bar, for my new baby girl.

Lavender Chamomile

Good Day Sunshine

Lavender Mint

In Beaverton, OR, it doesn't snow much, so when it does, everything shuts down!
Being trapped in the house the last 4 days means that everything has been reorganized, including my soap supplies, loads of time with my husband and sweet kids (sorry that I didn't get any photos of my sweet 5 year old son Leo), and lots of free time to make soap.

I remade some favorites, including Lavender Mint and Good Day Sunshine (Energy from Bramble Berry). I also have baby girl on my mind, so I made Lavender Chamomile (Huggies type from Bramble Berry), and a chamomile and calendula infused olive oil bastille baby bar! It is super fatted 8% and is 92% olive oil and 8% castor oil for bubbles. I left this one unscented, so it is super gentle and will let it cure for 6 months.

Now let me sing the praises of Lavender Chamomile fragrance oil! I use to use this Huggies soap on my babies before I started making soap. I always loved the scent so much (swoon). When I saw that Bramble Berry carried this scent, I had to try it. I was not at all disappointed and at all and this is one of my personal favorite scents. I will be using this one for myself. This scent is described as having  "top notes of Lavender, Chamomile and a bit of Orange and Eucalyptus. The blend is rounded out with Cedarwood, Musk and Hay, making it absolutely precious smelling." This is my favorite baby scent ever, but I hope that adults like it as much as I do because I hope to sell a ton of it....maybe as a spa-type scent!
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