Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Business Goals for 2015!

With the new year comes inspiration! This is the year of learning every morsel I can about business. I have so many goals for the new year:

1. Join the Indie Business Network and learn everything I can from Donna Maria. I love her podcast that has taught me so much about running a handcrafted business. Donna Marie is a new hero of mine.

2. Read as many business book as I can. I have started with Anne Marie's Business E-book from Bramble Berry, and Lela Barker's book, 155 Words you Need to Know. Anne Marie is still my business hero. I plan to read every business book she has recommended. I have a pile waiting to be picked up from my local library.

3. Start a YouTube channel and record videos. Please watch my first one!!!

How to Make Beer Soap

4. Have my own e-commerce website. I am actually building one now, and it should be launching at the end of this month. This has been a big challenge for me, but I am up for it!

5. Get some wholesale accounts! I have the soap making I need to get out there and meet store owners!

6. Reach out to the media for some publicity opportunities.

7 Reduce my product line to my top sellers.

8 Be more thoughtful about the events I participate in.

9. Join a local business organization. Maybe the Chamber of Commerce.

I am psyched for 2015! I am sure I have more goals, but these are the ones that come to mind.

The following is a sneak peek at the carousel images from my new website, which will launch soon!

What are your goals for 2015?
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