Tuesday, January 20, 2015

How Making Soap Changed Everything!


Our cloth diapered Rosalie

This spunky girl loves to make melt and pour soap!

Best Soap seller in the world. A charmer at the local farmers' market.

Baby's Bar, for my baby!
It seems funny that something as simple as soap could change my world, but it has.
I started this glorious adventure as a soap maker after my second child, Somerset was born. I needed a creative outlet. After the first batch was made, I was hooked. Obsessed. Unstoppable.
I researched like a mad woman. I checked out every book I could from the library, watched YouTube videos like they were the latest Downton Abbey, and eventually took a class before I made my first batch solo. I was unfettered by the countless mistakes and botched batches that came with the territory as a newbie. I just kept thinking that it takes "10,000 hours of doing something before you become an expert."
Something else amazing happened. Once I realized how much better my soap was for my family's skin, how I was no longer slathering a "mild detergent", filled with unknowns, I started making other changes. I looked at labels more carefully, started shopping locally and tried to reduce our carbon footprint.
With the birth of our third child, a sweet angel named Rosalie Jane, we made some new parenting choices. She is the first child we have cloth diapered (why didn't we do this before? My husband and I are amazed by how easy this has been). We also have made most of her foods, much of which is organic. We also make out own counter spray. The changes continue.
I can't wait to see what other changes I will make in the future. It all started with soap. 

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