Monday, February 2, 2015

Web Store is Open! Contest!


I am so incredible happy to announce the GRAND OPENING of my Lion and Rose Web Store. I have been building the site for about a month using Shopify and have put a lot of energy into it, but I am so happy with how it turned out.

Initially, I was going to hire someone to design the site for me, but after placing a Craig's List ad for help and receiving about 100 interested applicants, I became overwhelmed. I then started thinking about how complicated and expensive it would be to always rely on someone else to update the site, so I decided to take it on myself!

Using Shopify was fairly easy, but there was definitely a learning curve for me. However, now I feel very confident making changes on my own. I also feel a sense of pride in having built this site myself!

To celebrate, the Grand Opening, I am offering a contest. There are 4 ways to win:

  1. Buy something from my store!
  2. Make a comment on this blog post about the new site: Suggestions for improvement, what you like, etc.
  3. Like my Facebook Page
  4. Share my Facebook Page status about the new store!
1st prize: The complete collection of my Oregon Series soaps (7 in all)!
2nd Prize: 3 soaps of your choice featured from my store.
3rd Prize: 2 soaps of your choice featured from my store.

The contest closes on Sunday, February 8th at Midnight PST. Good luck!
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