Friday, February 20, 2015

What's Best for the Family

My Essentail Oil kit from doTERRA

Our 8 month old baby girl, Rosalie

The best big brother and future MVP

My 4 year-old Princess Somerset
If you know me, then you know how important my family is to me. I am so incredibly proud of them, which is why I love to include photos of the kiddos when I can. I make decisions for these kids that will affect them for life, so I want to be smart and informed.

Making soap has really opened my eyes to the world of label reading, being health conscious and making environmentally responsible choices. Do I buy all organic? I wish I could, but it is too expensive, but I like to buy what I can from the farmers' market and I like to buy produce seasonally. I also am much more thoughtful about where I buy my gifts. I would so much rather buy from a small business, than a big box retailer.

My next foray into alternative choices for my family was in the investment of therapeutic essential oils from doTERRA. My friend Niki sells them and she had approached me abut using them for my soap. Unfortunately, using doTERRA oils for soap would be financially impossible. They are so expensive because they are the highest grade of oils and are pure enough to ingest safely. I told Niki that I would love to learn more though for my own personal use.

After getting together with Niki, smelling the oils and talking about the benefits, I decided to invest in the Family Physician kit. I am so excited to try to using a natural approach to medical issues rather than always reaching for a pill.

I am really hoping the oils work effectively on my husband's upset stomach, my headaches, stress and anxiety, my kid's immunity, etc. I'll report back!
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