Saturday, October 17, 2015

Makers' Masterminding Day with Donna Maria!

Donna Maria and me!

I am giddy like a school girl because I was able to spend a day of masterminding with Donna Maria of the Indie Business Network. Last Monday, October 12, I spent the day soaking up kernels of business wisdom from Donna Maria and the amazing team at Essential Wholesale,

Alex Badcock, VP of Marketing for Essential Wholesale wrote a  blog post that sums up the lessons learned from our day of masterminding. His post is so eloquent and insightful, so I must share! Please read this: 5 Take Aways from Portland Connection Day 2015

Not only did I learn a lot from the expert speakers, I was so encouraged by my fellow makers. What a supportive and creative group of business owners! I was so impressed by how intelligent, creative and energetic this group was. We even had belly dancing lessons from the Vanessa of Herbs of Grace.

Also, we left the event with plenty of swag from Essential Wholesale.There products and ingredients are amazing and after meeting their wonderful staff, and touring their immaculate facility, I would encourage any soap maker to buy their products.

If Donna Maria comes to a city near you for a masterminding event, I would strongly encourage any maker to participate. It was fun, insightful and inspiring! I am amped to take my business to the net level.

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